Dear Parishioner,

Since the beginning of March, our lives have been changed in ways we could have never imagined.  There is loss of jobs, the challenges that a quarantine has upon family life, and the related consequences that a shutdown brings to the economic life of a nation.  How might we find consolation/meaning at this moment?

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, brings us hope through his Resurrection.  Divine grace which is always unconditional reminds us that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ (Rom 8.38-9).  Even amidst the havoc of COVID-19 the free gift of God’s love beckons for our trust and invites us to His House (the Church).  Here is the great secret of the spiritual life which is to know God’s love through all circumstances of life, then freely allow His grace to transform us.

Since the beginning of March, amidst this chaos, your parish has also experienced challenges.  This is why I am asking you to renew your SEVENFOLD commitment.  Why? First, with our church closures and then, since the beginning of June, with our gradual re-opening for Masses, there has been a financial strain due to the absence of our people.  Most expenses continue even as we show fiscal constraint during this special challenge.  Major restoration projects in the parish have been deferred at this time with an emphasis on maintaining our revenue streams.  We are so grateful to you for your past support in maintaining the integrity and beauty of our church. We will do so in the future as your goodness allows.

At this critical time please review your personal situation and do your best as you always have by making an annual offertory pledge of SEVENFOLD to the Church of St. Paul. On our part, we pledge to do our best at monitoring our situation with the assistance of the Parish Finance Council.

St. Paul’s SEVENFOLD is vital to maintain our mission as a Catholic parish here in Hamilton-Wenham.  These monies provide for our operational needs, staff salaries and Religious Education programs for youth together with other parish ministries.  This offertory giving through SEVENFOLD historically covers 75% of the annual revenue needed to meet our overall budget (the Spring Grand Annual Campaign and other offertory giving cover the remaining 25%).

For reasons enumerated above your participation and support of 2020-2021 SEVENFOLD is so important this year as we have experienced a significant revenue decline which would be to our advantage to arrest and reverse.  Thus, knowing our fiscal challenges we ask you to be as generous as you can when considering your SEVENFOLD commitment at this time. Last year you pledged support of $840 to SEVENFOLD. Please, do whatever you are able to assist your parish this year.

One goal of our SEVENFOLD campaign is to increase participation in WeShare, our convenient and secure, electronic payment service.  Forty percent of families (40%) currently committed to SEVENFOLD have embraced the convenience of electronic giving through WeShare, allowing them to safely make recurring donations, whether annually, monthly, even weekly, from their banking and credit card accounts. Registration for WeShare can be completed by simply calling Lucy at the Parish Office or online at

We request all of our parishioners to join with us.  Your completed Pledge Card can be returned to the Parish Office or placed in the offertory baskets situated at the entrances of the church.

The public health circumstances of recent months should not allow us to forget that our parish church which is God’s presence among us continues to bring His grace and hope-filled message to us.  We should never be discouraged but always be encouraged, so as to see the Lord’s grace shine through his Church in order that the best can shine through us.

Soon when it is safe, we will participate together in the saving mysteries of our faith at the altar of our parish church.  From that altar today, I offer a remembrance for you and your family.  Thank you so much for what you can do for your parish at this time. As always it is a joy and privilege to serve you.

Gratefully in Christ,

Reverend Michael Lawlor


With Parish Finance Council:

Stephen Goeben, Chairman    Lucy Cronan     John Corcoran

        Ethel Donahue             Stephen Rainville


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